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Ledyard Historical Society Publications


Historical Ledyard Volume 1

Volume I – Gales Ferry Village printed in 1976 and reprinted in 1997.  This volume offers the reader a view of Gales Ferry Village from the purchase of land by Ralph Stoddard from John Gager in 1697 up to the arrival of the railroad.  Price: $20


Historic Ledyard Volume 2

Volume II – Ledyard Center was printed in 1987 and is the history of the hub of the Town of Ledyard, with emphasis on building and houses surrounding the Meeting House.  Price: $20


Historic Ledyard Volume 3

Volume III – Seven Families traces seven of the first families of Ledyard through the houses they left.  The seven families are: Avery, Gallup, Geer, Lester, Morgan, Spicer and Williams.  Published in 1998.  Price: $20


Volume IV – Gales Ferry Revisited, published in 2000, starts where Volume I leaves off, with the arrival of the railroad and brings the Village into the 20th century.  Price: $20


Historic Ledyard Volume 5

Volume V – Long Lots and Land Grants was printed in 2006 and tells the history of the settlement of Ledyard on the banks of the Thames River.  Starting in 1650, this volume follows the Allyns, Gagers, Lambs and Stoddards through the houses they left behind.  Price: $20


Volume VI – Quakertown was printed in 2012 and tells the history of the Ledyard Rogerenes.  Families included in this volume include Watrous (Waterhouse), Whipple, Crouch and Chapman.  Price:  $20.


Historic Ledyard The Bluff

The Bluff – a small volume printed in 1994 tells of a special section of Gales Ferry that started as summer houses owned by the railroad.  Price: $10


Ledyard Connecticut Historic Cemetery Inscriptions

Ledyard, Connecticut Historic Cemetery Inscriptions was published in 2000 and includes a sketch of each cemetery, its location and the inscription on each gravestone.  Each inscription is numbered and refers to a corresponding number in the sketch to help locate the grave. Price: $25


Images of America: Ledyard and Gales Ferry

Images of America: Ledyard and Gales Ferry was published in 2004.  It contains many images and some of the history of various parts of Ledyard and Gales Ferry.  Price: $20.


September 6 1781 North Groton's Story

September 6, 1781: North Groton’s Story was published in 1981 and reprinted in 2000.  It is the story of the Battle of Fort Griswold and the men from Ledyard or the North Society, who fought, were wounded or died in the battle. Price: $20


Historical Map of Ledyard

Map of the Old Houses of Ledyard built before 1800 – 17″ x 22″ unmatted.  Price: $12


Bill Family History and Heritage Booklet

Bill Family History and Heritage Booklet was published in 1975 and contains a family history and background on the Bill Family.  Price: $3


30 Recipes from Yesteryear

30 Recipes from Yesteryear is a collection of various recipes throughout our past.  Price: $3


Nathan Lester House Cat's Meow

Nathan Lester House Cat’s Meow is a collectible wooden commerative, from The Cat’s Meow (c), of The Historic Nathan Lester House.  Price: $20


Beers 1868 Map of Ledyard and Gales Ferry

Beers 1868 Map of Ledyard and Gales Ferry is a copy of the original map, suitable for framing.  13 x 16.5 inches.  Price: $25


These items may be purchased by printing, completing and mailing the order form, available in Adobe PDF format here.


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