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Ledyard Historical Society Research FAQs


What information can be found through the Ledyard Historical Society?

The Ledyard Historical Society’s Janice W. Bell Research Room contains an array of records, including, but not limited to: family genealogy records, photographs, slides, books, diaries, and letters relating to families, events, buildings, businesses, and schools in Gales Ferry and Ledyard, CT.

Where is the Janice W. Bell Research Room?

The Janice W. Bell Research Room is located in the Bill Library, located at the intersection of Colonel Ledyard Highway and Rte. 117 in Ledyard Center.


What information should I have ready to contact the Ledyard Historical Society for assistance with research?

Please be sure to have as much specific information as you can before contacting the Society for research assistance.  Keep in mind that in any one generation of a family, there could be several family members with the same given name, not to mention multi-generational reuse of names.


How can I contact the Society for assistance with my research?

You may contact the Society via email at research@ledyardhistory.org, where we can coordinate a time to meet with you at the research room.  It is also helpful to attach our BellRoomResearchInquiryForm to your email.

You may also print out the form and mail it to us at Janice W. Bell Historical Research Room, Bill Library, PO Box 225, Ledyard, CT  06339, or bring it into the Bill Library at 718 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard, CT.

Additional Note: While we are very glad to help with an individual’s research, like most civic groups today, we suffer from a limited resource of able-bodied volunteers.  Please bear with us, and should you be interested in volunteering your own time, please feel free to let us know! We are always happy to have new volunteers.